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If you are looking for different options to deal with energy in a green way, relieving the environment while you are saving money, on Energyproducts.nl you can find inspiration! Our tips are useful for people who use energy and everbody in the world uses energy every day.  

We provide you information about what you can do with the 'free' energy which the earth, sun and other elements give us. You will also receive information on how to save energy and how to deal with energy. All these tips and measures are good for our planet, but also for your wallet.

The following topics are covered in Energyproducts.nl, because they all can be perfomered in an energy efficient way:

  • Grants. The Netherlands has a large number of possibilities with regard to subsidizing energy projects. For example, are you planning to better isolate your home, you can rely on the subsidy.
  • Geothermal. On this planet we make use of a lot of resources that are not inexhaustible. We will run out of these commodities at a certain point in time. In order to be prepared for this development, sustainable raw materials and energy are used. It is possible to use geothermal power to heat your home or water.
  • Cars. Vehicles like cars provide great pollution of the earth because they affect the ozone layer. Also, these cars run on fuel which is not very ecological to obtain. Nowadays there is a large number of cars on the market that run on energy-saving fuels which are also less polluting for the environment. Try to use such a car and also make use of the tips we offer on this website to save the environment and to save money.
  • Solar panels. Obtaining energy through solar panels is a sustainable way of obtaining energy. The investment in these panels is usually expensive but this investment will definitely pay off. It is also possible to appeal to a grant so the government will reimburse a part of the costs.
  • Heating Tips. To learn more about the efficiency of certain heaters you can go online for tips which can help you out. Make sure you do not waste unnecessary heat.
  • Lamps. Spaces are nicely illuminated when lamps are lit. Because the lamps in your house are your own responsibility, it is possible to choose lamps that consume less energy so you are working in an environmentally friendly way. Besides that these lights are good for the environment, they are also cheaper in the long run. Energy saving light bulbs are cheaper to use than regular light bulbs.
  • Cooking. Can cooking be more ecological? Yes it can be. There are several options to use less energy while cooking. Our article provides an overview of the costs involved in cooking.
  • Energy label. In 2013 an energy label is a compulsory item in every house. Do you already have one? An energy label shows how energy efficient a home is. It allows you to consider before you buy. An energy label shows you how much energy a house relatively consumes
  • Wash. The washer and dryer are appliances that use a lot of energy. There is a great opportunity to save energy here. If you are looking for a new washing machine, it is adviced that you choose for an energy efficient version. Does your washer still work? We have got some tips for you to wash economically.
  • Rainwater. The reuse of rainwater is a good way to responsibly deal with the water and the energy in the world. The rainwater can be used in different ways for different purposes. On this website you can find more information about reusing rainwater.
  • Energy saving office. Many people work at an office during weekdays. These offices are not always arranged in an energy saving way, so much energy is lost.
  • Glass windows. Through choosing the right variant of glass for your windows, we can save energy. It is possible to choose for well isolated glass which will keep the heat inside the building, but it's also possible to have glass which transfers heat from the outside in. Wisely chosen windows will save you money.
  • Nutrition. In many families food is thrown away daily. It is not only a waste of money but it's not environmentally friendly either. Processing waste is a difficult process which needs a lot of energy. Deal with your food in a proper way and save money as well as the environment..

The energy saving articles are written by our trend watchers, who want you to know about the latest techniques to save the environment. Energyproducts.nl is completely independent. We stand for a more ecological world through smarter use of energy.

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